All items and sizes listed on the menu, including the additional items listed below, are available for order. We require a minimum of 3 days notice, unless it is indicated that an exception can be made. Please note that at times larger orders and certain items may require more notice. To inquire about placing an order please call 801.883.9741 (for 863 e. 700 s. location) or 801.410.4217 (for 1510 s. 1500 e. location). If no one is available to answer, please leave a message stating the item you are interested in, the date and time you would like to pick up, and your name and phone number. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Additional items available for order and in store purchase during various holidays will be posted on our website several weeks prior.

Coffee Cake 9” round 40
Quiche 10” round 43
Tea Cake 16“ 44

Fresh fruit, lemon, chocolate
Minimum order of 24 1.75/ea

Round Cakes
9“ single layer serves 12 - 16 30
12” triple layer serves 20 - 24 115
14” triple layer serves 34 - 38 154

Sheet Cakes
Half sheet 16” x 12” 150
double layer serves 35 - 40
Full sheet 16” x 24" 300
double layer serves 75 - 80

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